Warranty Guidelines

We at Toraac are dedicated to providing outstanding service and support along with a commitment to standing behind our products. Our devoted crew is here to help you immediately and effectively if you have any queries or run into any problems. Your complete happiness with our services is our top priority.

Toraac Warranty Guidelines:

  • Limited Warranty Coverage: This non-transferable warranty is restricted to the purchased item. In the unlikely case of a malfunction, we reserve the right to repair or replace the item.

  • 7-Day Replacement Policy: From the date of delivery, we provide a 7-day replacement policy if the product is flawed, damaged, or sent in error. Simply get in touch with us, and we'll quickly set up a replacement for you.
  • Coverage Period: The limited warranty is valid for a year from the date of purchase and covers flaws in materials and workmanship. Please be aware that it does not cover problems brought on by incorrect handling or misuse of the gadget.
  • Proof of Purchase: You must present proof of purchase in order to use our warranty service. This guarantees a seamless evaluation procedure that enables us to assess the truthfulness of your claim.
  • Hassle-Free Support: An easy pick-up service from your location will be arranged if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Swift Repairs: While we work hard to finish repairs as soon as we can, we want to be clear that there is no set period of time for completion. Be assured that we are committed to immediately and effectively addressing your concerns.
  • Warranty Expiration: Based on your purchase documentation, this warranty will cease automatically after a year. Please be aware that the warranty will expire even if the item is left unused during this time.


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